*Favorite Alert* : Aurora Glow by Anastasia Beverly Hills

My latest favorite beauty product is Aurora Glow, a palette of highlighters by Anastasia Beverly Hills. While this palette is designed to be used all over the face, I use mine mostly as an eye shadow palette. Used as eye shadow, Aurora Glow will leave you with celestial sparkle that lasts all night long.

The Aurora Glow palette includes six shades: Eclipse (champagne), Luna (white), Spectra (lavender), Helia (sunshine yellow), Orion (light blue), and Lyra (beige). Used alone, the colors are all fairly light and very shimmery. As with other glitter eye shadows, these can be mixed with white or black eye shadow to lighten or darken the colors. I love mixing Spectra and Orion with black eye shadow to create plum and sapphire hues. No matter how you apply these gorgeous colors, your eyes will look stellar!

Though I normally don’t use the palette for highlighting, I have tried it and can vouch for how beautiful it looks. I prefer a natural look for highlighting, so when I do highlight with Aurora Glow I use Eclipse or Luna. I will say that it was fun using purple and blue to highlight my face for the first time. The other colors work beautifully as highlighters, but they’ll give you more of a sci-fi or fairy-like glow. If that’s your thing, you’ll love Aurora Glow!

However you choose to use this palette, you’ll come to adore it! The colors are highly pigmented and will last all day (or night) long. Aurora Glow is definitely worth the investment; you’ll get six high-quality powders that are incredibly versatile. You can find Aurora Glow at Sephora and Ulta for $40.00.


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