The Magic of Unicorn Tears: ♥♥♥♥♥

As soon as I heard that Too Faced had released a shade of their La Crème Color Drenched Lip Cream called Unicorn Tears, I had a feeling that the product would be magical. Too Faced’s aptly-named Unicorn Tears granted my wish for iridescent, sparkling lips.

Stock image courtesy of Too Faced Cosmetics

This lipstick is probably the creamiest one I’ve ever tried (it feels fabulous on the lips) and the color will last for several hours. The color is great on its own or when layered. Below is an image of Unicorn Tears on my lips by itself – without another color underneath, you’ll get a light pink color with blue and purple shimmers.


If you want to mix it up, Unicorn Tears is also great on top of another lipstick. Unicorn Tears will add a beautiful, iridescent shine to whatever shade you decide to wear underneath. This beautiful sparkle is perfect for any occasion, from a shift at work to date night. Grab a tube as soon as you can and take part in the magic! 🌈

Have you tried Unicorn Tears? Share your thoughts below!




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