*Favorite Alert* : Urban Decay Perversion Fine-Point Eye Pen

I struggled for years (and I do mean years) to find the perfect liquid eyeliner for me. I was looking for a formula that would glide on easily, provide all-day wear, and stay smudge-free. After searching for so long, I finally hit the jackpot when I tried Urban Decay’s Perversion liquid eyeliner. Here’s what I discovered inside the gorgeous purple tube:

Stock image courtesy of Sephora

Beautiful Lines

Finding the right eyeliner pen for you can often be tricky. Some people like matte lines, others like more sheen and shimmer. I personally prefer matte eyeliner – if you’re part of the matte club, you’ll love Perversion! You’ll get a dark, matte line with every use, and you’ll get compliments all day long!

Easy Application

I can honestly say that the Perversion pen gives me the best cat eye I’ve ever had. Pop the lid off and you’ll find a thin felt tip that you can use to make dark and precise lines. Felt tip pens are almost always easier than brush applicators, but even for a felt tip pen the application is incredibly easy. I don’t even have to use tape to create sexy cat eye anymore!

Long-Lasting Wear

When I say long-lasting, I’m not kidding! I’m a student and I work after my classes are over. On my busiest days, I’ll apply my makeup at around 8am before classes. When I finally get to leave work around 11pm, my eyeliner is still perfectly in place with no reapplying needed!

The Verdict : I literally have nothing bad to say at all about this eyeliner. Urban Decay’s Perversion liquid eyeliner is a diamond in my makeup collection; I never leave home without it! I highly, highly, highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to have gorgeous, sexy eyes with little to no fuss! If you’ve tried it, let me know what you think in the comments!


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