My New Vice: Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

If you like lipsticks in vibrant colors, you’ve probably had your eye on Urban Decay’s Vice collection, which offers over 100 gorgeous shades. When I saw the collection for myself, I came home with five shades – Bobby Dazzle, Gubby, Double Team, Heartless, and Violate. Here’s my experience with the Vice Collection:

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The Basics

Before I get into the positives and negatives of my Vice experience, I’d like to talk a little bit about the unique finishes offered. Within the Vice collection, Urban Decay offers lipsticks with six different finishes: sheer, sheer shimmer, metallized, cream, comfort matte, and mega matte. Unfortunately none of the shades I chose were sheer, but I did get to try the metallized, cream, and comfort matte finishes. Below you’ll see the five colors I chose:

Bobby Dazzle – Metallized Finish
Gubby – Metallized Finish
Double Team – Comfort Matte Finish
Heartless – Comfort Matte Finish
Violate – Cream Finish


If you think the colors look beautiful online, you’ll be happy to know that they look even better in person. Urban Decay’s Vice collection offers an incredible array of shades that are highly pigmented. Only one coat of a Vice lipstick will make your lips pop! In addition, the Vice lipsticks mix well with other lip colors (my favorite combination is Double Team with Unicorn Tears by Too Faced). With such gorgeous colors and a lavender tube that’s très chic, you’ll have a blast applying a Vice lipstick!


The main problem I have with Vice lipstick is how quickly the color fades. After eating or drinking, you’ll definitely have to reapply. Even without touching your lips, you’ll need to reapply in about two hours. The other small issue I’ve encountered is that the matte lipstick dries out my lips, even though I chose comfort matte colors. If you’re willing to frequently reapply, have at it!

The Verdict

Finding vibrant colors is important to me, so despite the lack of lasting color the beautiful shades offered by this collection won me over. If finding a lipstick that will last through a long day of work is more important to you, this lipstick may not be the best investment at $17 a tube. If you love a good pop of color and don’t mind reapplying your lipstick several times throughout the day, go for it! Let me know what you think of the Vice lipsticks below.


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