Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Like most beauty enthusiasts, I’ve been incredibly excited to try Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line. The first product I snagged for myself is her gloss bomb lip luminizer. While it’s not my favorite lip product, it’s definitely in my top ten. As soon as you open the tube you’ll get a pleasant whiff of tropical fruit (probably the best part of the gloss). It goes on sheer, so it’ll look good on any skin tone. The lip luminizer provides just enough sparkle to be casual enough to wear to work but formal enough to wear on a date. The one complaint I have is that it doesn’t stay on very long at all. The gloss will dry out completely within an hour, and you’ll have no color at all within two (even without food and drink). Overall I would highly recommend the gloss bomb; even though it doesn’t have great staying power, it looks so pretty that I’ll bear with it and reapply often.


Here’s a shout-out to Rihanna for creating a makeup line that caters to women of all colors! RiRi, you can have all of my money. ♥


L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise: ♥ ♥

Since I’ve fallen in love with Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara, I decided to try the drugstore imitation. All I can say is you get what you pay for. While L’Oréal’s product is half the price, it also comes with half the volume. Even after applying several coats, I can hardly notice the mascara on my lashes. What I do notice is how sticky and heavy Lash Paradise feels all day long. It’s also almost impossible to remove, even with Too Faced’s Mascara Melt-Off. The one good thing I can say about Lash Paradise is that I’ve experienced little to no clumping. If clumping is your main concern, you might like this reasonably-priced imitation. If you’re looking for major volume, look elsewhere.

Stock Photo courtesy of L’Oréal

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*Favorite Alert* : Aurora Glow by Anastasia Beverly Hills

My latest favorite beauty product is Aurora Glow, a palette of highlighters by Anastasia Beverly Hills. While this palette is designed to be used all over the face, I use mine mostly as an eye shadow palette. Used as eye shadow, Aurora Glow will leave you with celestial sparkle that lasts all night long.

The Aurora Glow palette includes six shades: Eclipse (champagne), Luna (white), Spectra (lavender), Helia (sunshine yellow), Orion (light blue), and Lyra (beige). Used alone, the colors are all fairly light and very shimmery. As with other glitter eye shadows, these can be mixed with white or black eye shadow to lighten or darken the colors. I love mixing Spectra and Orion with black eye shadow to create plum and sapphire hues. No matter how you apply these gorgeous colors, your eyes will look stellar!

Though I normally don’t use the palette for highlighting, I have tried it and can vouch for how beautiful it looks. I prefer a natural look for highlighting, so when I do highlight with Aurora Glow I use Eclipse or Luna. I will say that it was fun using purple and blue to highlight my face for the first time. The other colors work beautifully as highlighters, but they’ll give you more of a sci-fi or fairy-like glow. If that’s your thing, you’ll love Aurora Glow!

However you choose to use this palette, you’ll come to adore it! The colors are highly pigmented and will last all day (or night) long. Aurora Glow is definitely worth the investment; you’ll get six high-quality powders that are incredibly versatile. You can find Aurora Glow at Sephora and Ulta for $40.00.

Sephora Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

For years I had an extremely difficult time finding the right foundation. My skin is incredibly pale, so finding a foundation that works with my complexion has never been easy. Thanks to Sephora, I’ve finally discovered a foundation that matches my skin tone and meets all of my needs.

Sephora’s Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation comes in a tall can and is sprayed onto the face. After spraying it on, you’ll have to smooth it out with either a brush or a sponge. In this collection, Sephora offers more than ten shades and a formula that is perfect for year-round wear.

Stock image courtesy of Sephora

Coverage: This spray-on foundation provides excellent coverage. After blending it in, you’ll have full coverage with a matte finish. Occasionally I have to spray a little extra foundation around my eyes to cover my dark circles, but I’m also working on finding a decent concealer to go with this product, so I’ll let that slide. This foundation is great for concealing blemishes and evening skin tone.

Feel: By feel, I mean the way that this feels on my face. With such full coverage, you’d expect this foundation to have a very caked-on feel. I’ve not had this experience at all; once it’s on I hardly notice it’s there. This foundation doesn’t feel heavy at all, so you can even wear it on hot summer days.

Lasting Power: This foundation easily lasts all day long. If you’ve got a reaaallly long day to get through, you may have to reapply after about 10-12 hours. Even in hot weather, this foundation won’t melt off your face, which makes it perfect for year-round use

Here I am wearing Sephora’s Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation

The Verdict – if you haven’t found your perfect foundation yet, you need to try this one. It packs everything I want from a foundation into one can. My only complaint is that I run out of it quickly and then have to drive forty minutes to get more, but for the quality of the product this is absolutely worth it.

Have you tried this product before? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Battle of the Brows: Benefit Brow Pencils

With their extensive collection of eyebrow products, Benefit Cosmetics takes care of all of our eyebrow needs. Benefit offers two types of eyebrow pencils – the Goof Proof pencil and Precisely, My Brow. After trying both products, I can honestly say that each pencil is fabulous and deserving of a 5-star rating, but the two pencils cater to different areas. With six different shades available, you’re sure to find the pencil that’s right for you.

Let’s start with the Goof Proof eyebrow pencil.

Stock image courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics

With its squared tip, the Goof Proof pencil is designed for shaping eyebrows. If your eyebrows are already pretty full but need more definition and shape (like mine), go with this pencil. As the name implies, this pencil is incredibly easy to use. The formula glides right on and the included eyebrow brush makes shaping your brows even easier.

Now on to Precisely, My Brow.

Stock image courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics

If fullness if more of a concern for you than squaring and shaping, you’ll probably want to try this pencil instead of the Goof Proof pencil. The super-fine tip allows you to draw individual strands throughout your brows, making it the ideal tool for filling in and creating definition. This double-ended pencil also includes an eyebrow brush to clean up your brows even more.

So is one pencil better than the other? Not really – I’d have to say this one is a draw (bad pun definitely intended). Both pencils are incredibly easy to use and will keep your brows looking great all day long. Depending on your needs, one of the two pencils will work better for you than the other. Without a doubt, Benefit’s brow pencils are worthy of your attention.

Which side are you on? Let me know below!





The Truth About ‘Revealed’, Revealed: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Okay, so just by looking at the name you can tell that this is an imitation Naked palette. But honestly, it’s a pretty good imitation. The Revealed palette by Coastal Scents comes with 20 eye shadow shades and is available through Birchbox.com. Each of the Revealed palettes comes with a variety of shades, including pinks, browns, purples, and grays. Below is an image of the palette I tried, Revealed 2:

Stock photo courtesy of Birchbox

Color Choice: I am a huge fan of the colors included in the Revealed 2 palette. My one complaint with Naked palettes is that there are way too many browns and not enough pinks and purples. Coastal Scents fulfills my need for girly colors with this palette. Plus, I can honestly say that every single color in this palette is gorgeous. Because there are so many color families included, you can create a wide variety of looks with just one palette. If you aren’t a fan of pinks and purples, the other Revealed palettes might be more to your liking.

Longevity: These eye shadows last just as long, if not longer, than Urban Decay’s Naked eye shadows. I can put these on for school at 8am and they’ll still be in place when I get home from work at midnight. Unless you’re in some pretty strenuous conditions, these eye shadows will last all day (or night) long.

Value: The Naked palettes come in with a hefty price tag of $54. Through Birchbox.com, Coastal Scents offers the Revealed palette for $19.95. Less than $20 for a palette of beautiful shades that are just as nice as Naked eye shadows? Hell yeah I’ll take one!

The Verdict: Hands down, 5 out of 5 stars from me. Coastal Scents has really done us a huge favor by offering Revealed, a fabulous palette at a fabulous price. Even if you’re not a Birchbox subscriber, you can still get your hands on one today at Birchbox.com.


The Magic of Unicorn Tears: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

As soon as I heard that Too Faced had released a shade of their La Crème Color Drenched Lip Cream called Unicorn Tears, I had a feeling that the product would be magical. Too Faced’s aptly-named Unicorn Tears granted my wish for iridescent, sparkling lips.

Stock image courtesy of Too Faced Cosmetics

This lipstick is probably the creamiest one I’ve ever tried (it feels fabulous on the lips) and the color will last for several hours. The color is great on its own or when layered. Below is an image of Unicorn Tears on my lips by itself – without another color underneath, you’ll get a light pink color with blue and purple shimmers.


If you want to mix it up, Unicorn Tears is also great on top of another lipstick. Unicorn Tears will add a beautiful, iridescent shine to whatever shade you decide to wear underneath. This beautiful sparkle is perfect for any occasion, from a shift at work to date night. Grab a tube as soon as you can and take part in the magic! 🌈

Have you tried Unicorn Tears? Share your thoughts below!



My Top Five Eye Products

These five eye products are some of my favorite makeup items; they’re all included in my daily routine. Here are some beauty products for the eyes that I hope you’ll try and make part of your beauty routine:

Mascara: Too Faced Better Than Sex

This is hands-down the best mascara I’ve ever had. Tons of volume, no under-eye smearing, and no clumping make this mascara a 5-star product in my book! Plus the pink tube is absolutely gorgeous and the name is hilarious – what’s not to love?

Stock image courtesy of Too Faced Cosmetics

Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked Palette

Want high-quality eyeshadow that’s highly pigmented and will last all day long? Urban Decay has you covered with any one of their Naked palettes. No matter which one you choose, you can’t go wrong with a Naked palette. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to try the new Naked Heat palette that was just released this month!

Stock image courtesy of Urban Decay

Liquid Eyeliner: Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Fine-Point Eye Pen

My last review covered all of the awesome aspects of the Perversion Eye Pen, but I could go on for hours about how much I love it. Fine, dark, matte lines paired with easy application make this one of my absolute favorite beauty products.

Stock image courtesy of Sephora

Gel Eyeliner: Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner

It’s hard to find an eyeliner for your waterline that will stay on for long periods of time without smearing, but Marc Jacobs has finally answered our prayers with this eyeliner. The gel eyeliner glides right on and will give you long-lasting color. What makes this even better: at the end of the day, you won’t find eyeliner smeared under your eyes!

Stock image courtesy of Sephora

Eyebrows: Benefit Cosmetics Goof Proof Brow Pencil

Benefit has found a way to take care of all of your eyebrow needs with their extensive collection of brow products. Honestly, this pencil is the only brow product I use. The double-ended Goof Proof pencil comes with a brow brush and a pencil in one of six available shades to fill in your brows as needed. If you already have somewhat thick brows, this is probably the only product you’ll ever need to use.

Stock image courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics

Like these products? Have some favorites of your own? Start a discussion in the comments!

*Favorite Alert* : Urban Decay Perversion Fine-Point Eye Pen

I struggled for years (and I do mean years) to find the perfect liquid eyeliner for me. I was looking for a formula that would glide on easily, provide all-day wear, and stay smudge-free. After searching for so long, I finally hit the jackpot when I tried Urban Decay’s Perversion liquid eyeliner. Here’s what I discovered inside the gorgeous purple tube:

Stock image courtesy of Sephora

Beautiful Lines

Finding the right eyeliner pen for you can often be tricky. Some people like matte lines, others like more sheen and shimmer. I personally prefer matte eyeliner – if you’re part of the matte club, you’ll love Perversion! You’ll get a dark, matte line with every use, and you’ll get compliments all day long!

Easy Application

I can honestly say that the Perversion pen gives me the best cat eye I’ve ever had. Pop the lid off and you’ll find a thin felt tip that you can use to make dark and precise lines. Felt tip pens are almost always easier than brush applicators, but even for a felt tip pen the application is incredibly easy. I don’t even have to use tape to create sexy cat eye anymore!

Long-Lasting Wear

When I say long-lasting, I’m not kidding! I’m a student and I work after my classes are over. On my busiest days, I’ll apply my makeup at around 8am before classes. When I finally get to leave work around 11pm, my eyeliner is still perfectly in place with no reapplying needed!

The Verdict : I literally have nothing bad to say at all about this eyeliner. Urban Decay’s Perversion liquid eyeliner is a diamond in my makeup collection; I never leave home without it! I highly, highly, highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to have gorgeous, sexy eyes with little to no fuss! If you’ve tried it, let me know what you think in the comments!

Birchbox: A quick review of a beauty box service

I started using Birchbox about two years ago when my best friend recommended it to me. For $10 a month, you get an adorable little box with five curated samples. Here is a breakdown of my experience with Birchbox:

Highlights: I’m always excited to receive a Birchbox because I know that I’ll be getting five high-quality products. Whether the brands are indie or well-known, I can trust Birchbox to send me amazing items every month. Plus they make it even more exciting by sending adorable boxes every month that you can use to organize your jewelry, cosmetics, and more! I also love that I can personalize my box and choose my preferences so I know I’ll get something I love every time.

Lows: My only complaint about Birchbox is that I wish they would send me more makeup than they do. It seems like most of my samples are moisturizers and face masks (which don’t get me wrong, I love those), but I wish I could try more lipsticks, mascaras, and eyeshadows.

The Verdict: Overall I love my Birchbox, but I’m giving the service 4 out of 5 stars because I’ve gotten pretty tired of getting so many face products. Out of my five samples, usually only one is a makeup product. If you don’t mind that and you’d like to receive mostly face masks and moisturizers, you’ll love Birchbox!